Industrial Lyophilization

What is Lyophilization?

Lyophilization is a process for the dehydration of a foodstuff or bioproduct by means of its freezing and the subsequent sublimation, at low pressure, of the ice formed.

What advantages does it have?

The results of lyophilization prevent the loss of nutritional values, maintain organoleptic properties and make possible extensive preservation periods.

Thanks to our R&D&i, we can achieve the optimization of the properties of nutritional and health products by means of a better knowledge of their components, enabling us to state their benefits to health. We can also identify other useful properties and components, destined for fields such as cosmetics or industry in general.

Benefits of lyophilization


Benefits for the lyophilization industry:

Constant, uniform quality of the products processed.
Preservation of the organoleptic properties throughout the storage period.
Zero cost of stock maintenance, power, labor, etc.
Significant reduction in packaging costs.
Fewer requirements and lower cost of storage space.
Significant reduction in weight and therefore in transport and handling expenses.
Improvements in supply logistics and material prices.
Use of surpluses without destroying prices.
Reduced risks and losses due to expiration, particularly for large safety and/or contingency stocks.
Possibility of greater speed and ease of participation in international programs of Humanitarian Aid, NGOs, Disasters, Famines, etc.

Benefits for the Restaurant and Catering industry:

Availability of raw materials, extracts, etc., at all times, even out of season.
Uniform maintenance of the product, to enable identical preparation, quality and nutritional value.
Possibility of consuming only the required quantities, with no loss of raw materials.
Possibility of consuming only the required quantities, with no loss of raw materials.
Creativity in design when devising new dishes and in the design of meals and recipes.

Benefits for the consumer:

Simple, rapid preparation.
Dietary control.
Guarantee of preservation.
Rapid rehydration.
Ease of their rapid inclusion to season or round off any dish.


Manufacture of Lyophilization Systems

Industrial Lyophilizers
Custom-made Lyophilizers

Integral Lyophilization Services

Human Nutrition: Availability of foodstuffs in optimal conditions
Restaurant and Catering Industry: Natural extracts and foodstuffs
Animal Nutrition: Enrichment of animal feed with natural products
Optimization of Resources: Better use of raw materials and control of surpluses