Being pioneers in the field of applied science, our business philosophy is oriented toward the optimization of human health by the ethical application of the latest scientific breakthroughs.

We therefore provide innovative services, seeking to improve diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, this making us a leading company in the field of human health.

The principal characteristics of all our services can be summarized as:

  • High-quality, reliable, guaranteed professional solutions
  • Development of innovative technical and scientific projects
  • High-technology analysis techniques
  • Extensive experience in personalized genetics
  • Development of new pharmacogenetic applications
  • Design of pre-clinical experimental systems
  • Leadership in the development of bioproducts of natural origin
  • Design, manufacture and marketing of nutraceutical products
  • Application of industrial lyophilization techniques

Specialized Areas

Clinical Testing

Personalized Genetics and Pharmacogenetics
Food Intolerance Screening (FIS)
Ultra-sensitive Histamine Analysis

Health Biotechnology

Pre-Clinical Testing
Proteomic Studies
Genic Expression Analysis

Industrial Lyophilization

Lyophilization of Foodstuffs
Lyophilization of Bioproducts
Research applied to Lyophilization